I’ve decided to outsource my anxiety. And it’s going to be fabulous.

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Yes, my mind and workspace will be this clear and uncluttered after outsourcing my life. I’ll also have a lovely long ponytail.


I’ve decided to outsource my anxiety. OK, not my actual anxiety (although if you know anyone who will happily box up and take my worries away, I’ll give you a million bucks).

I mean, I’m outsourcing all the things that trigger my anxiety – or just annoy the heck outta me.

Take this blog, for instance.

I love writing. And as a professional writer, over the years I’ve had to teach myself things like web design, transferring domain names, adding widgets and plug-ins.

But all that stuff – that techy stuff – ick. I hate it. It was fun to learn, but it’s not fun to fiddle with. I’d much rather just write my blog and chat with you all, than bother with fixing issues and pulling my hair out because THE STUPID WIDGET BOX WON’T ALIGN WITH THE REST OF THE SIDEBAR WIDGETS AND WHAT THE HELL?!

So, why worry?

I hired a lovely guy in India (via Odesk) who has promised to fix every bug, and get this blog looking and working the way I want.

It’s so easy, breezy, and now I want to outsource alllll the annoying stuff in my life.


  • Have someone pay my bills. But hopefully not run off with my credit card information. That would suck.


  • Send someone in my place to client meetings. They can either pose as me, or act as my assistant. I don’t care, so long as I get to stay home and still land new projects.


  • Hire a body double to do hard-core gym workouts and then transplant their body onto my body so it looks like I’ve been training really hard when in fact I’ve been on the sofa eating chocolate and reading.


I believe anything is possible. Yes, even body transplants.

What anxieties would you like to outsource?

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