Botox for a beautiful mind?

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botox for anxiety

“I need these lips! They help keep me calm!”


Not gonna lie. I’ve had chemicals injected into my face. Call it low self-esteem, call it vanity. Or call it a new anxiety treatment!

For reals, you guys. Now we can have Botox because anxiety.

A news article landed in my inbox today, sprouting the apparent benefits of Botox for mental health.

CBS quoted a cosmetic surgeon as saying: ““Fear, anger and sadness — all go through this muscle [between the eyebrows]. So Botox basically inhibits the muscle and calms it down, so it becomes more difficult to feel those negative emotions.”

In fact, trials have just wrapped on Botox being used as a depression treatment. And it’s believed socially anxious souls may also benefit from a little chemical injection.

So watch this space.

Who knows – maybe one day you’ll be able to get Botox through the public health system. But only for your anxiety, guys! 😉


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