Can fermented foods make you less anxious?

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Kimchi. Kombucha. Pickles. Tempeh. Some people love fermented foods.

But I just can’t stomach that acidic, pickly taste.

I wish I could.

Because fermented foods are said to be a top social anxiety-buster.

A study of 700 uni students found that people who eat fermented foods are less socially anxious. And while exercise was also linked to better mental health, all that kimchi had significant benefit all on its own.

Why are fermented food lovers less anxious?

Maybe because it takes guts to eat stinky, ‘live’ food.

Just kidding. Researchers believe fermented foods are great for the gut. And we now know gut health is closely tied to mental health.

A healthy gut = a healthy mind.

Why? Because the bacteria living in fermented foods are believed to enhance neurochemistry once they enter the bloodstream. They also help ease gut inflammation that triggers anxiety and other psychiatric symptoms.

Sigh. Pass me the goddamn kombucha…

Side note: you can also get the benefits of fermented foods by taking a probiotic. Yay!

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