Drained, flat and unfocused? It could be your menstrual cycle

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Since coming off the pill a few months ago (after being on it for half my life!), I’ve struggled.

With a chaotic cycle.

With a body that doesn’t know how to run itself.

With a mind that’s a rollercoaster of deep depressions and euphoric highs.

I’m dealing. I’m alright. Muchas gracias.

But I’ve noticed something else that must been silenced all those years I was on the pill:

My energy peaks and plummets throughout the month.

I’m talking dramatically.

One week, I’m on fire. I’m out socialising, networking my business, doing great work, feeling fabulous.

The next week, I’m toast. I can barely shuffle around the apartment and make a cup of tea, let alone be a responsible adult.

And I was thinking, whaddup with that?

So, nerd that I am, I did some research.

Walking in the park (a must when I’m feeling flat), I tuned in to Joe Rogan’s podcast with holistic women’s health psychiatrist, Kelly Brogan. She’s been shunned by the medical world, because her sole mission is to get her clients off medication, not to prescribe them a cocktail of bandaid drugs.

Brogan started out by talking about our menstrual cycle. About how our energy ebbs and flows through the month. About how she finds it hard to deal just before her period hits.

I found enormous comfort in her insights.

It was like, “Oh thank God! Someone else gets my struggle. This is normal! I’m not failing at life!”

Because truthfully, I thought I was failing.

The pill works wonders for keeping you cool and calm through the month. You barely notice dips in energy or mood. You’re in a constant state of chill. So that becomes your normal.

Then you come off the synthetic hormones, and your body is left to just get on with it. To muddle through. To stumble and fumble. And you think you’ve gone crazy. On those days you just can’t deal because you’re so depressed, you worry that this will become your new normal.

We all respond differently. But this has certainly been my whacky experience the past few months.

Off the pill and feeling cray cray?

If you’re struggling post-pill, have a listen to the podcast. And if you want more info, check out The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine.

Also, please know that what you’re going through is NORMAL. Hundred percent. It sucks. It’s scary. But it’s OK.

Speaking with a counsellor has been helping me navigate this bamboozling part of my life. So be sure to speak up and seek help if you’re feeling out of control.

x K


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