Worry research round-up – September

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Geek out on the latest anxiety research and insights. Every month, I take a peek into the interwebs and extract stuff I think you’ll find fascinating. Nerdtacular!

Sweat it out

Is lifting weights the secret to being less anxious? Researchers reckon so. They found “RET (resistance exercise training) significantly reduced anxiety in both healthy participants and those with a physical or mental illness. RET is a low-cost behaviour with minimal risk, and can be an effective tool to reduce anxiety for healthy and ill alike.” See the study.

Fur babies

If your pet is seriously ill, you could be more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. See the study.


A new study suggests we can unlearn fears, by stimulating the brain with magnets. See the study.

Coping mechanism

How well do you cope with stress and tough situations? New research suggests women who have better coping skills when facing adversity are less likely to be anxious. See the study.

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