Meet Katherine Tate


I'm Katherine Rose Tate

I'm a writer and podcaster – and I love helping overwhelmed women ease anxiety and cultivate calm. Because I've been there too. 

But after 30 years of study and self-discovery (trying ALL the techniques and therapies), I learnt how to make friends with my mind – and turn anxiety into a superpower! 

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Hello anxiety, my old friend

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I worried all my life.

Stomach aches. Panic attacks. Biting my nails. Pulling my hair out. Expecting the worst. Catastrophising the future. Throwing things.  

That's how anxiety looked and felt for me.

Diving deep into the darkness

As a sensitive soul, the world often felt too bright. Too loud. Too much.

I struggled to express my needs.

I rarely felt good in my own skin.

I craved to be calm and carefree and happy.

My anxiety peaked in my 20s, and I avoided it by running. I sold my stuff, packed a bag, and roamed the world for three years.

Facing fears, finding me

On my erratic journey, I came face to face with the anxiety I'd pushed away for so long. 

Wherever I went, there it was.

Stripped bare with no familiar faces to cushion my insecurities, I had to greet my murky mind like a sibling: we were in each other's lives, so we had to find a way to get along.


Discovering calm, clarity & courage

After accepting anxiety as a part of me – a part of my human experience – it didn't seem so threatening. 

And so I leapt into life:  

I climbed an 11,000 foot volcano at midnight. With no guide (I lost him), no light (the guide had it) and no clue. 

I became an advanced scuba diver – and had a panic attack 40m underwater. Then went straight back under to dive again. 

I risked rejection and allowed love into my life – getting married to my Greek hubby Dimitri. 

I built three businesses.

I embarked on an EPIC LIFE – with anxiety in tow.  

Deep down in my heart, I believed it was possible.

And as I dived deeper into understanding anxiety, wrote about my struggles, added new tools to my mental health handbag, and helped others do the same, I've come to KNOW it.  

Ready to make friends with your mind?

 I teach what I know: all the rituals, tools and techniques that keep my mind clearer and calmer – and help others, too.

I'm like a fisherwoman: I scoop up all the world's wisdom on mental health in a net, and share the best ones with you.

Worry Warrior is your go-to resource for anxiety ideas, info and inspiration. It saves you searching, which we all know can be super overwhelming!

My passion is empowering women to become the masters of their mind. Their own coach and cheerleader.

And if you're in therapy, Worry Warrior is a wonderful companion: keeping you nourished between sessions.

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