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My story starts as a stuck, anxious and afraid Aussie chick, travelling the world to escape herself. Here's how I smashed through fear, started loving my mind, and made anxiety my superpower...

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When anxiety is all you know

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I’ve worried all my life.

Stomach aches. Shallow breathing. Biting nails. Pulling out hair. And throwing things: that's how anxiety looks and feels for me.

As a kid, my anxiety was misdiagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder. I grew ashamed and afraid of my sensitive spirit and anxious mind. It made me different. It made me weird. It made me ‘difficult’. And so, I was bullied. A lot. Which only made me more anxious!

I didn't know how to express my feelings. Or stand up for myself.

Heck, I didn't even know myself.

In my teens, I hid my anxiety behind smiles and jokes. It was the only way I knew how to cope. But my one saviour was drama class: up on the stage, I could be anyone.

Running from myself

In my 20s, I got sick and entered a deep, dark depression. 

A year of therapy and medication later, I felt ready to spread my wings, leave my sleepy hometown, and head to the big smoke: Sydney.

But it was there my anxiety peaked...

I was partying hard and silencing my feelings, drink, drugs and dating.

I lived in sharehouses where I would seem sunny one minute, withdrawn or panicked the next. I just didn't know how to live comfortably with others.

After breaking up with my first-ever boyfriend of 5 years, I moved to Manly – a beautiful beach suburb that has your fix, whether that's health and yoga, or drinking and self-destruction. 

By day, I went the healthy route: running in soft sand, sipping lattes with my personal trainer friend, and pretending to have my life together. By night I flicked the switch, and ate and drank and danced in basement bars. Bit by bit, I eroded the last little shreds of self-worth.

And so I ran.

I sold my stuff, packed my bags, and embarked on a zig-zagged illogical journey around the world. As you do!


Facing fears, finding me

It was just me and my Macbook, freelance writing on the road.  

The moment I got close to someone, I packed up and moved on. 

On my erratic journey, I faced many fears. Because I had to. I was stripped bare. There were no familiar faces to cushion my insecurities. Nowhere else to run from myself.

I was forced to put myself out there, make friends with strangers, figure out who to trust. And sit, alone, with my anxiety. Just the two of us, avoiding eye contact. Like the WORST Tinder date you can imagine.  

I climbed an 11,000 foot volcano at midnight. With no guide (I lost him), no light (the guide had it) and no clue.

I became an advanced scuba diver. And had a panic attack 40m underwater.  

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Then I discovered I didn't have to let anxiety control me

I could feel anxious, but climb the volcano anyway.

I could panic before walking into a packed restaurant, but sit down and eat anyway. 

I could live an EPIC LIFE – even when my default mode is to swing between anxiety and depression.  

Deep down in my heart, I believed it.

And as I blogged about my struggles, picked up more tools for my mental health handbag, and helped others do the same, I've come to KNOW it.  

Can I help you do the same?

I've had the incredible honour of helping hundreds of people just like you sidestep struggles and setbacks – and learn to love their minds and themselves.


Step by step. 

I teach what I know. All the habits, tools, and techniques I use every day to keep my mind clearer and calmer.

I still have my down days. I'm only human! But I bounce back faster – and I let my anxiety fuel me.


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