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How to overcome anxiety in meetings



Oh, awesome. Sharon scheduled another company-wide meeting – and she wants you to give the departmental update.

Nice one, Shazza.

Or maybe you have a call with a potential client, and you really need to book the gig.

If you’re anything like me, meeting rooms aren’t your happy place.

You dread presenting.

You worry about saying the wrong thing or appearing dumb – or anxious.

You hate being put on the spot.

And you avoid speaking up…or showing up!

But until the day we can send clones to take our place at meetings, they’re here to stay.

And so we have to master meetings if we want to get ahead in our careers – or become better business leaders.

How do you do that?

Grab the free download below. It’s your step-by-step guide to master meetings!

I promise with practice, you will feel calmer, more confident and in control.

Hey, you might even have fun!


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