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I’m out of my cave o’ sickness! 3 things I learnt about life…



I’m finally freeeee!

Loves, I spent the last week on forced bed rest and let me tell you something: it was NOT a romp in a lavender field.

I was painfully bored. But with a thumping headache and all kinds of crap feelings, I couldn’t do much about it.

It hurt to read. Or watch Netflix (although I did get oddly obsessed with an Aussie ‘reality’ show called Yummy Mummies. Don’t ask.).

I didn’t have the energy to do anything…except stare outside the window, dream about the beach, and do a little journalling.

Thank the Universe for my journal.

With my pink pen and a blank page, I scribbled and scrawled all my frustrations and fears about taking a week of work and life. And honestly, I think journalling is what got me through it.

Here are 3 massive insights I discovered from journalling in bed:

  • The only difference between going slow and moving through life a million miles an hour is how you feel. You get just as much done (and at a deeper, more creative and productive level) by slowing your pace, as you do trying to smash 50 tasks each day. Trust me. Go slow, and the world will naturally fall into that rhythm. With far less stress and hustle on your part.


  • Your schedule isn’t as important as you think. The things you do in your day aren’t what truly matters. Love, connection, offering value, and being the best version of yourself are your guideposts. Who you are is everything.


  • You can be grateful even when you feel – and look – like an extra from The Walking Dead. One day, I watched the sky turn from grey to rich magenta and gold as fluffy clouds stretched across the horizon. I was so thankful for that experience. Even if your mind is telling you everything sucks, FIND THAT ONE THING to say thank you for. And really feel it.


So now I’m back in action and ready to rock on!

There’s nothing quite like being sick to see things in perspective – and get clear on your next steps.

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