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How to have a break (not a breakdown)

anxiety breakdown

When was the last time you took a break? I don’t mean a quick coffee or lunch away from your desk. But a proper, tools down, phone off, vacation from your routine. Your responsibilities. Your everything?

Today, I’m extending a personal invitation to YOU to take time out. And 3 easy ways to do just that – no matter how busy your life is right now.


I just got back from a two-week break in California visiting family, meeting my new nephew, and enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. And it made me realise: we HAVE to take time off to give our brain a break. To get back into balance. To turn our attention to what matters most: which isn’t work deadlines or daily demands – but love.

Human connection.

Our life’s purpose.

Our passions.

Tune in to the episode via the player above – and let me know over on Instagram how you’re choosing to take a break.