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Breathing for inner calm

2019-03-21T13:38:57+00:00Mental wellness|

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In this incredible episode, I’m joined by Sonja Montague MacKay. After embarking on a journey to recover from chronic fatigue syndrome, she discovered that healing begins with breathing.

Now, she teaches breathing techniques for anxiety, sleep, stress and to balance the nervous system.  She also supports people to get more sleep and form new life rituals.  And as a yoga and meditation teacher, these practices are weaved throughout her work.

In our conversation, Sonja shares her personal journey healing from chronic fatigue – and leads us through 2 simple yet powerful breathwork techniques.

Scroll on down to grab your free guided breathwork tracks. 

There’s so much passion and wisdom in this episode, so I truly hope you enjoy it!


Episode highlights 

Can’t catch the entire ep? No worries! Here are some snippets I think you’ll like:

  • How breath works to calm your mind and body [16:44]
  • 3-part breathing for instant calm [20.03]
  • The ancient secret to relaxation [24.54]
  • 4-4-6-2 technique to prevent panic [26.32]

Episode extras

Here are some things Sonja would love me to share with you:

4-4-6-2 breathing intro and guided audio

3-part breathing intro and guided audio

The Healing Power of Breath by Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg

Amy Cuddy on the “power pose”


Connect with Sonja

Here’s where you can catch Sonja and join her programs:

Wild Orange Website




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