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Get ready to thrive

Hi, wonder woman! I’m Katherine.

Anxiety used to rule (and ruin) my life. But I discovered how to make it my superpower – in business and beyond. 

As your wellness and business coach, I’m here to support, inspire and challenge you. With a safe, supportive space to share your struggles and overcome overwhelm – so you stop playing small and achieve ALL your wildest wishes.

Get free from fear

I work with high-achieving women who are stuck in fear, anxiety and self-doubt.  

I blend insight, compassion, practical tools and smart strategy, plus loads of love and laughs. To guide you to grow into the woman you were destined and deserve to be. To shake off your imposter complex and OWN your awesome. To transform chaos into calm. And to unleash your brilliance – so you show up in the world as your most authentic, illuminated self.

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I weave proven practices and grounded guidance, with a spritz of the spiritual – to help you transform your life and work. Your way.

Our sessions integrate:

  • Intuitive wellness and business coaching

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) (from March 2019)

  • Hypnotherapy (from March 2019)

  • Time Line Therapy (from March 2019)

  • My experiences overcoming anxiety and depression

  • My insights from building two profitable businesses

Sessions are guided by where you’re at now – and where you dream to be. Releasing blocks and beliefs that hold you back.

And steering and cheering you on to reach your business and soul goals.

And because I’m an organising nerd, you get access to your own online portal.

With session notes, homework, goals and habits tracking, and self-reflection prompts – to keep you on track to thrive!


Am I the right coach for YOU?

Let’s see if my style resonates with you…

Here’s what I believe and teach:

  1. A healthy, strong mind is essential to thriving in life and work.

  2. Your mental health is the MOST important thing to invest your time, energy and money in each day.

  3. Anxiety is your internal GPS, signalling what needs to change within or around you. It can be your superpower.

  4. You can totally transform the way you feel, by changing the way you think

  5. Learning to love yourself is the FIRST step to abundant love in all your relationships.

  6. You can flip your script and write a new story that truly serves you. Out with the old beliefs, baby!

  7. Managing your time better starts with managing your mind better.

  8. By taking massive action despite your fears and doubt, you can get everything you desire.

  9. Confidence comes from allowing, accepting and experiencing EVERY emotion.

  10. You have infinite value to offer the world.

Most of all, I believe in YOU. There’s nothing you can’t do, be or achieve. Once you release resistance to anxiety – and take steps to make friends with your mind – you will be un-freaking-stoppable!

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So, are you ready to live and work fearlessly?

It’s all possible. It’s all within you.

And I’m here to guide you, every step of the way.

Start with a quickie or 3-month package below –
or book your free Clarity Call to see how we can create magic together.

Update: I only have one coaching series slot left for Jan-March 2019

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