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Confidence comes from taking bold action

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Hi, lovelies.

I want to chat about something that came up in a couple of coaching calls with clients this week:


So often, we wait ’til we feel ready.

We tell ourselves, “Once I’m a confident, shiny happy woman, then I’ll ask for a promotion. Then I’ll start my business. Then I’ll start working out at the gym.”

But to create POWERFUL, GROUNDBREAKING shifts in your life and business, we have to totally flip that script.

We don’t wait to feel confident before acting.

We act, and then we feel confident.

You feel courageous and bold and fired up and unstoppable by doing the things that make you feel alive.

So, my inspiration injection to you today is this:

Don’t wait. Don’t stay stuck. Do ONE thing to day that feels courageous, that makes your heart flutter faster.

Take action. Then you’ll feel confident. Then you’ll take action again. And then you’ll experience incredible, ground-shaking, skin-tingling, fire-walking growth.

Unleash your inner awesome

Taking bold action to cultivate calm courage is what I teach all my coaching clients. If you’d like to work with me, hop on over here to book your free clarity call. Take the first step to transforming your life and business, warrior!