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Breathing for inner calm

18 blissfully simple daily rituals to keep calm

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free daily rituals guide

I’m often asked how I keep my mind calm each day, so I can run a busy business and enjoy a full life.

And I always say:

Daily rituals, baby!

Seriously, these teeny tiny practices have totally transformed my mind and my life.

Back when I let anxiety control me, I started my day scattered and ended it stressed. I let my thoughts and things in the outside world run the show…and I never carved out time for self-care. And if I did, it was scoffing cake while watching crap TV: fun in the moment, but awful in the longterm. Yep, looking after myself always came last.

Often, I was too anxious and overwhelmed to even stop and practice self-care. So it’s probably no surprise it affected my health, happiness, work, relationships and sleep!

But when I made a choice to change, when I swapped a chaotic and rushed routine for calmer practices, my entire life was transformed.

It didn’t happen overnight. But gradually, as my new rituals became habits, I felt something shift within me.

The agitation eased. My anxiety was less intense. And I knew that no matter how hectic or out of whack my day got, I made time for myself.

I still make time for myself every day – even when I’m super anxious or depressed. ESPECIALLY then. Because it’s the only thing that brings me back to the moment. To my body. To my vision and what matters most.

These daily routines declutter my mind, clear the crap, and reset me.

I get grounded. Balanced. Clear and calm.

And guess what? You can, too!

Get your free guide

I created this guide to show you the lovely daily rituals that help calm my mind each day. There’s also a handy checklist at the end, so you can print it out and pop it in your private self-care space.

I encourage you to wake up a little earlier each day to move through each practice. Each one only takes a few minutes – and you don’t have to do them all.

You can also add your own self-care practices to the list, to make it truly personal and impactful.

I hope you find value in this guide.

Make a choice to change, keep up your new routine, and trust that you can totally transform your mind and your life.

Step by step. Day by day.

You’ve got this! 🙂


free daily rituals guide