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My morning routine for calm

morning routine


In this episode, I share my morning routine.

Why? Well, starting your day with self-care practices can profoundly impact your health, happiness, and wellness. It builds your mental strength and resilience, helps you get into the right headspace so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way during the day.

And those magic morning hours – before the world stirs – has this incredible way of stretching time. By waking up a little earlier, you gift yourself an extra hour or two every day to do what matters most to you.


When it comes to anxiety, a morning routine can be your saviour. And I don’t say that lightly! It definitely helps me start my day feeling calmer and more in control. Let me tell you a story. Maybe you’ll be able to relate. I used to snooze my alarm over and over, then grumpily roll out of bed, and start rushing around. I barely had time to scoff my breaky before I was running out the door to work. So I’d arrive at my desk with excess energy, an anxious, worried mind, and feeling like everything was against me. Are you nodding along?

Well, a morning routine can stop all that before it even begins. Savour the solitude, the slowness, the stillness. Start your day honouring and nurturing yourself. Before the world wakes up and makes its demands, take a moment to connect with your body. Your mind. Your spirit. Be present – for that is the place anxiety can’t thrive. Right? Anxiety lives in the future, it can’t exist in the moment.

My morning routine might sound long, but all up it takes about an hour. Your morning practice can be short and sweet – and you don’t have to do every ritual. Just pick what feels right for today. Spend a few minutes on each, and you’ll witness incredible shifts take place over time.

And in the immediate term, you’ll likely leave the house feeling more peaceful, with fewer stress hormones coursing through your body. So whatever your day brings, you can handle it – far better than ever before

OK, have I convinced you now? Then let’s dive in to my morning routine. I hope it gives you a few ideas and some inspiration to create your own morning routine to calm and clear your mind.

1. Wake up first

2. Give thanks

3. Stretch

4. Breathe

5. Meditate

6. Journal your junk

7. Set your intention 

8. Move

9. Eat brain food

10. Be in nature


So that’s my morning routine! Were there any rituals you’re thinking of adding to your morning? I really encourage you to give it a go – wake up a little earlier and perhaps start with just one or two practices and see how you feel.

Now, let me just say that I’m only human (after all!) So it’s not like I wake up and automatically do ALL these things and float through my day feeling at peace whispering namaste to strangers. Heck no. Some mornings I really have to fight the inner voice that says “Nahh” or the urge to just push my needs to the bottom of the list and let the world pile on.

And hey, some days that’s exactly what happens. But I forgive myself. And I then try to take a moment or two to take some deep breaths, focus on that, and then move forward.

Tomorrow is a new day. And in every moment, you have the chance to change your life, re-write your script.

So please don’t feel like your morning routine is another thing you need TO DO, or something to achieve or be perfect at. It’s actually the opposite. The intention is to honour your self, your time, your energy. Place your needs first. Show up and nurture your mind, body and spirit in a way that feels good for you.