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What if the opposite were true?

2019-03-06T16:48:05+00:00Mental wellness|


“What if the opposite were true…what would happen?”

This. This seemingly innocent question right here is my go-to when working through any fear, worry or problem in my life or business.

If Dimitri is acting cold or distant, and my mind immediately zooms in to: “Oh God, he hates me and wants to leave me!” I stop. Take a breath. And question the evidence (which usually shows me he’s internally mulling over some other problem of his own – or is simply distracted).

If a client hasn’t emailed me back and that old familiar friend Fear says “Yo, your business stinks.” I stop. Take a breath. Pull out my journal. And question the evidence (quickly seeing that my business is booming!)

So, gorgeous one. Any time you feel fearful or anxious about ANYTHING in your life or biz, pull out your journal and dive deep into these prompts:


Is this really the true?

Where’s the evidence?

What would happen if the opposite were true?


Simple questions, right? Yep! But also incredibly powerful in shifting your self-beliefs – and flicking the switch on fear, so you can step into the light with courage, calm, and clarity.