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How to become more spiritual




Have you ever wanted to be more spiritual?

If you’re a practical, goals-oriented person like me, maybe you feel disconnected from that part of yourself. Or perhaps you’re curious to tune in to your gut, your intuition, and see what it has to say – to guide you, to help you feel more confident or in control of your mind and your life.

This year, I started a spiritual practice. In today’s episode, I share how I began opening up to my spiritual side – and the daily rituals that allow me to continue evolving.


As a Virgo, I’m obsessed with organising, analytical to a fault, and oh so practical.

And that means I tend to trust my head more than my heart.

When working through a problem, I go straight to my thoughts and bypass my feelings.

I choose logic over intuition.

So when I decided earlier this year to open up to my spiritual self, to approach life in a more soulful, trusting way…well, it wasn’t exactly easy.

My mind was not cool with my new meditation practice.

Just as I got focused on my breath or mantra, it would pipe up:

“Um. We have EMAILS to send, you know!”

“Ugh. Do you really think this will make you enlightened?”

“I like carrots.”

(Ya. Not all thoughts it threw up were intelligent!)

But I stuck with it.

I began listening to my gut. Tuning in to my intuition. And trusting the messages.

It’s been a gradual awakening, as these things so often are (because we can’t just become spiritual in 3 easy steps. Dang.)

And I’ve enjoyed the experience. Learning to be patient with my progress. Allowing my unconscious to speak up, after so many years of my conscious mind running the show.

But before I started this journey, I had no idea what it meant to “be more spiritual”.

So today, I’m sharing what a spiritual practice looks like for me (at least right now…it’s still evolving). And maybe it will stir something within you to explore your own spirituality.

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