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How to find your anxiety sweet spot

2019-03-06T17:25:11+00:00Mental wellness|

anxiety sweet spot


“If you’re anxious, how do you DO so much?”

I had to smile. She wasn’t the first to ask.

If I’m so anxious, how can I do podcasts, and travel the world, and connect people, and coach, and freedive and scuba dive, and climb mountains, and throw myself into life like a mo fooooo?

Here’s the thing:

Anxiety fuels me

It puts me into hyperdrive, so I can smash out 5 blog posts, manage my biz, see clients, clean the house, cook dinner, workout, meditate, balance a bowl on my head while weaving a basket and singing ‘Let Me Entertain You’…

Basically, it’s made me an overachiever.

But there’s a catch: 

Anxiety freezes me

It has the power to stop me in my tracks.

The world starts spinning out of control. I can’t focus, can’t work, can’t see people, can’t make sense of my head.

Finding your sweet spot

Over the years, I’ve found the sweet spot. I’ve learnt how to *mostly* balance the franticness with the freeze.

If I push myself too hard, too far, too fast, the hyperdrive stalls and I get stuck.

If I sit in the stuckness for too long, I get nothing done and waste my day.

So I have to be careful how I use and conserve my energy. Let the anxiety fuel me – but not so much that it breaks me.

It’s a delicate dance.

But I know I’m not alone in this. Some incredible humans have changed the world with (and in spite of) their anxiety. Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah, Abraham Lincoln, Adele, Nikola Tesla…

And you can too.

How to harness your anxiety

  • Take some time to tune in to your mind and body.
  • Listen for the signs: are you pushing yourself too much? Or are you stuck in indecision? Observe.
  • Add meditation to your day: a few mins in the morning, a few before bed. Come back to your breath, let the thoughts drift out to see on a gentle wave.
  • Know when and how to activate your emergency switch. If I’m overwhelmed OR stuck in nothingness, I stop. Sit in silence. Follow my breath. Then go out for a long walk in nature. And let go.

I hope this resonated with you today.

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