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6 simple steps to overcome travel anxiety

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By special request from a lovely warrior who took my free Love Your Mind course, this ep is all about overcoming travel anxiety.

If you feel fearful in planes, trains, or automobiles, be sure to stick around. I’m going to arm you with some simple, practical steps to override those worries today. So you move from “hell no!” to “let’s go!”

When I was on my three-year wander around the world, I did a LOT of travel. I crossed Thai rivers on rickety boats with too few lifejackets (yup, I counted!) I flew with airlines who lost planes just weeks later. I hopped on the back of dodgy motorbikes zipping through Ho Chi Minh, and trusted taxi drivers flying down tiny alleys in Spain.

Did I do it all fearlessly? HECK NO! Every time I sat on a plane, I plotted my emergency landing strategy. I’d seen enough episodes of Air Crash Investigation to know what to do if the plane was in a nose-dive, or if there was smoke in the cabin (I also know the main mechanical errors that cause each, which surprises me since I have zero interest or clue about engineering! Obsessed much?)

Each time I crossed the street in South-East Asia, I felt the familiar prods of anxiety: racing heart, sweaty palms, shortness of breath as I dashed between cars and bikes and trucks and animals. Exhilarating, sure, but terrifying too!

Most times, once the trip was over – once I crossed the road or disembarked the plane – the anxiety subsided. But for many of us, travel anxiety can niggle and nag even when we’re sitting peacefully at home. Just the thought of having to get in the car or go to the airport can induce anxiety or worse, a panic attack.

My dear friend Kirsten Johnson shares how she overcome panic attacks following a freeway incident to drive 13,000 miles across the US! That’s episode 6 if you’d like to check it out. Her story is incredible.

Your story might be similar – or a little different.

Perhaps you WANT to go on holidays and adventures, but you never feel ready or strong enough, or you’re worried about every possible eventuality. Or perhaps your fears are impacting your everyday life: you worry you won’t be able to get the kids safely to school, or you’ll have a panic attack on a packed plane.

How can you cope with travel anxiety – so you look forward to your adventures without worry or fear?

6 steps to overcome travel anxiety

  1. Mindset

  2. Accept

  3. Breathe

  4. Work out your worries

  5. Prepare

  6. Get excited and make it fun!

Tune in to the episode via the player above, as I walk you through each step – with plenty of practical actions you can take today to smash through your fears.

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