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How to survive winter worry

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Winter. UGH.

Approaching my 3rd ‘real’ winter has me all flighty and fretting.

The dark.

The damp.

The desire to stay in with a stodgy meal and bottle o’ wine.

It’s a recipe for all my self-love to fly out the window along with Santa’s reindeer. Weeee!

The last two winters were rough.

I still don’t have a tonne of friends here in the UK (aside from all you lovelies I have online), so my social life was as dry as an overcooked roast.

I stayed in, ate, drank, felt flat (and flabby) and generally fell into a pit of self-loathing.

As I scrolled miserably through my Insta feed, I saw beautiful shots of snow and hot chocolate and ladies rugged up in gorgeous knits just loving life. And I wondered, “Why don’t I feel like that? Why can’t I see the magic in this season?”

I assumed I simply wasn’t acclimatised. Before moving here, I’d spent three years chasing the sun around Asia and Europe. And back when I lived in Australia, winter meant popping on a cute pleather jacket and a scarf (as an accessory, not a necessity). If it was 15 degrees, I’d shiver and say “Ooh it’s a bit nippy out!” 15 degrees, guys!

But this might be my last winter in the northern hemisphere. At least for a while, as Dimitri and I prepare for our move to Australia.

So I want to make this winter special. I wanna feel alive with the seasonal magic. I don’t want to waste a minute feeling sorry for myself – because I have an incredible life that I’m really grateful for.

So as autumn yawns, and as the leaves turn gold and fall to create a crunchy carpet, I’m readying myself for the season.

Here’s what I’ve planned to ward off winter worries:

🍁 Learning photography

As a birthday present to myself, I bought a shiny new camera (a Canon Mirrorless M50. In WHITE – the colour of the season!)

It’s gonna be my new winter hobby. If I stay in, I can snap moody self-portraits.

But I hope it inspires me to get out into the cold – and get lost behind the lens. Trying to creatively capture my city in a new light, draped in dark.

🍁 Winter workouts

Gym membership renewed. Indoor freediving training locked in. Yoga with Adriene YouTube playlist locked and loaded.

Movement is my #1 anxiety go-to. It blows off the dust, gets my mind laser sharp and calm, and puts a pep in my step for the entire day.

Assuming I get my butt off the couch, lace up, and step outside, I hope this winter is my healthiest yet.

🍁 Indoor crafting

Everything’s going macramé!

Plant pots: macramé!

Wall hangings: macramé!

Dinner plates: macramé!

Too far? 🤗

I discovered macramé last winter, when I took a class at a nearby pottery painting studio. I rushed out, bought all the supplies, made two plant hangers, gave them away, and the box has since gathered dust on the bookshelf.

This winter, I’m breakin’ that baby back out and knotting my way through the cold!

Give me a shout if you want something macraméd. Quality not guaranteed.

How do you survive the winter?

Northern hemisphere friends, I need your help!

What other fun things can I do in autumn/fall to get ready for winter?

Trying to avoid a Bridget Jones half-eaten-by-Alsatians vibe over here…

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