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Do this one thing to reach your wildest wishes

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What are your wildest wishes?

Maybe you want to spend six months of the year in a remote cabin to write your novel…

Or start a sustainable fashion line that pours its profit into developing communities…

Or perhaps you want to be President!

Whatever your dreams, I’d like to share one tiny technique you can take today to start manifesting them.

It’s seriously simple.

Are you ready?


Write down your goals as if they were already true.

That’s it!

Told you it was cinch. 🙂

Each morning in your journal (or any other prime time when you’re in solitude and won’t be disturbed) write down your wishes as if you already reached them.

“I now make $1 million in my business!”

“I now wake up feeling energised and courageous!”

“I am now President!”

This practice is deceptively simple. And it works.

When you visualise your goal as if it’s already a reality, you send a signal to your brain that it’s done.

Because what you focus on, you create. What you turn your attention to, amplifies. (This isn’t woo-woo stuff, this is all backed by research!)

So as you write your wishes in the here and now, you set the scene in your mind. Do it daily, take aligned action towards it, and you’ll soon manifest beautiful things in your business and life.

So give it a try, and pop over to the Calm Courage Club on Facebook to let us know how you found the practice!